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Anonymous → for the second event, can you plz make an example.

Okay so if I went onto my iPod (You don’t need to have an iPod, I don’t so I’m using my phone) the first two songs that came up were Sing (Glee cover) and Need You Now (Lady Antebellum) so I’d write a piece of writing that I feel these songs reflect. 

So these songs to me are about standing up for yourself and missing someone. My writing would reflect that. 

I hope this helps anon! 

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Hey everyone! So, as you know Admin A accepted a few other admins earlier this month, and I realized that I hadn’t actual introduced myself to any of you yet! Well, I’m Admin L so it’s lovely to meet you all! I’m sorry this has been really delayed, but I’ve been busy recently, and I couldn’t find any free time to get on! However now, my schedule is clear so I’ll be here to help you all, answer questions, accept auditions etc. So, if you have any questions - now is a good time to get them in! 

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Writing Prompt/Event 2 

Tumblr has decided not to work whatsoever when I go to post the event(maybe its the graphic), so I’m going to do it like this here unfortunately. Perhaps it’ll work better later on today and we’ll be able to make things look beautiful once more.

For this weeks event you will be doing a writing prompt. For this prompt you’ll simply tag it as prompt 2 and your character’s name.

Grab your ipod or itunes, whatever you listen to. Hit shuffle and choose the first two songs that come on. Don’t switch it up or it’ll take the fun out of it. Use the chorus from both of those songs and write a drabble in your characters perspective about their past, present, or future feelings. It can be like a diary entry or even a dream. Whatever you feel like would best help you connect with your character.


  1. It must be in your characters point of view.
  2. It has to be at least 2 decent sized paragraphs (5-7 sentences each)
  3. Place it under a read more and tag it as prompt 2 - name of your role
  4. It must be done sometime this week.

This weeks event will be posted tonight at 10 EST time. 

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We will be posting a new event tomorrow for everyone to participate in. I’m really hoping you guys will like this one. Next week our ooc events will begin and we’ll start having a group blog to really talk about things. So, with that said, if you have not joined the ooc group please send us a message here on the main so that we can get you a link.

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Madeline Delirio - 21 - Lights - Chemistry Major - Knew Cameron’s family - Shy and admiring


Have you ever met that girl who seems to see the world for what it is, and not everything that society has made it out to be? What about the girl who’s observant, rarely speaking unless it’s words which are meant to be known; heard loud and clear? Madeline Delirio is just that girl. She’s intelligent beyond words, observant and calculating. She’s always been that way. Growing up in Haven wasn’t the easiest thing for her. Kids would pick on her for her outlook on life or the way she dressed; she didn’t show enough skin to be liked. She was the girl that people would push around and bully until finally she would speak her mind, destroying them with her higher knowledge. She had a brighter mind than most and by the time she’d reached high school people had taken notice. She was no longer the girl that was different and awfully quiet, non, she was the shy nerdy woman, that was often sexy and out of reach. Her words became something people died to hear; they craved for her voice to  make an appearance, knowing that whatever escaped her lips would be nothing that lacked importance in the slightest. She became something that boys drooled over, other students wanted help in their studies from, and even teachers appreciated talking to outside of class. She was a level A person. The worst part about admiring Madeline, for everyone, was how shy she was. She didn’t try to keep to herself and get away from anything that submitted socializing into her life, but she never made the effort to reach out to somebody and do something. She tended to wait around for them to come to her.

Her senior year of high school she’d met Cameron, the girl who seemed to have everyone at her fingertips. While she hadn’t gone out of her way to talk to the girl they’d somehow managed to form a bond that satisfied them both. When Cameron would need an escape Madeline would come get her, and when Madeline would feel as if she hadn’t spoken enough Cameron would be the girl on the other end of the phone listening. It had brought them together to the point that she knew Cameron’s family. Her parents were very fond of Madeline and she’d even had dinner several times with the girl’s family when she wasn’t there. When she heard about the family’s loss her first thought wasn’t to go apologize and sugar coat things, instead she’d decided to wait till everyone else had died down on the wishes for wellness and then go check on them. They were like a second family and she wanted what was truly best for them not what people assumed made things better. So she’s been busy night and day waiting for the right moment to arrive at the familiar second home to her and just be there for the family, the way they truly need.


Different doesn’t begin to describe Madeline. Her outlook on life and society is set drastically apart from what most people’s is. She’s not optimistic about things as most people are but she’s also not pessimistic about it. She sees things for what they are and nothing more or less. Most people assume that she’s only quiet because she doesn’t know how to explain her thoughts or put into words the truth, but in reality she knows better than voicing herself. If she showed others what she really saw, the things behind people’s disguises and the way they all felt tormented inside then nobody would want her around. She’s shy enough as it is and making people no want anything to do with her would only make it worse. People often ask for the truth but it’s not often that it’s wanted when given.

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