Charlotte Harris - 19 - Leighton Meester - College Freshman - Neighbor of Cameron - Solitude 

“I remember when you were a little girl, we grew up together in this small town belonging to the world. We planned out our future together setting a bright and beaming way, but never did I expect so soon to see this day. You were the light of this town, and now you’ve left it to burn to the ground.”


Charlotte Harris has always cared deeply about the people around her, and Cameron Enge was no exception. While Charlotte didn’t consider herself to know Cameron very well anymore, she had lived next to the girl for most of her life and thought them to have a bit of a bond. They’d spent a lot of their childhood together up until their teenage years; playing outside whenever it was sunny. When things started to go downhill, Charlotte watched from the sidelines as Cameron broke down; wishing that she could find the courage to do something to ease the other girls pain. But Charlotte was always too shy to say anything, so, she stayed on the outskirts and watched as the world came crashing down around the girls shoulders.  Despite not being very close to her, she was one of the first people to know about the suicide of Cameron. She was there to live through it all as it happened. Charlotte watched in horror as Cameron, the girl next door, took what was so valuable to many, her own life. At first, she had no idea how to process what she had seen. She just stared, empty-eyed and terrified of coming to the crushing realization. In the end she had to accept it. She had to be the one to tell the world what was going on, no one else could. In a numb haze, Charlotte placed an anonymous call delivering the police to the sad truth, and then she waited for fate to take it’s course. 

Months have passed, but Charlotte is still stuck on the night of Camerons tragic death. She’s continually haunted by the images of the other girl taking her life so carelessly. It’s as if they’ve been implanted in her mind, horrors she sees daily projected on her eyelids every time she closes her eyes. The town’s struggle with the loss is nothing compared to hers. Nobody else had to stand there helpless, only able to watch.


Charlotte has always been a quiet girl, but after witnessing Camerons death she retreated even farther into her shell. She’s rarely  allowing herself to talk to anyone, and when she does she barely raises her voice above a whisper. She’s turned to solitude in order to get over the memories of that night. To her it’s the only way she’ll forget. She doesn’t want to spread more pain throughout the town, if she bottles it all up nobody will ever know the truth of her witnessing. Shutting the world out and straying from those around her is her only escape from reality, and if it helps somebody else heal then she’s willing to do it forever.

The role of Charlotte Harris is taken by Robyn.

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