Sydney Merrit - 17 - Selena Gomez - Junior in High School - Friends with both Jensen and Cameron - Busy and Selfish

“I don’t have time for you and your games, if I gave into them I’d go insane. Just leave me alone with some peace in mind, and I’ll let you know when I’m free of time. I’ll answer your call as long as it’s business, if not then leave a voicemail and I’ll return your call at my own convenience.”


Ever met the girl with the best grades, the highest class average, and the hardest strive for perfection? Well, that’s Sydney. She’s your non-average overly mature teenager. Whether it be school sports or family time, she has it all organized for a certain part in her day. Her future is important to her in a way that nobody understands. When you grow up moving from place to place in a semi-small town, making something out of yourself seems like the biggest dream; that’s hers atleast. She wants to live one day without having to worry about getting evicted from her current home, or sleeping in a car. She wants to have a family that she can provide for without worry. She also wants to be able to let go of all the pain, heartache, and stress she’s held onto throughout her life. That’s the one reason she befriended Jensen and Cameron, they seemed to float through life so effortlessly and she admired it. Whenever they were around they’d take her work from her and make her relax, bringing her back down to earth for a while. The two kids were her escape, but now they’re gone from her life forever. And with them gone, she’s shut off from any other social life. Her smiles have turned to neutral and her laughter has become mute. She’s focused fully on herself, in almost a selfish manner.

Sydney hasn’t mourned once since the loss of her friends. In fact she’s focused buckled down even more on her school work, making sure to miss nothing that could have an aftermath on her future. She’s dropped the moments of socializing only to lock herself within the school library for study time. Free time doesn’t fit into her life whatsoever, to her it’s all about moving forward and taking everything with a light heart. She’s become overly selfish locking out those who try to comfort her about the loss. She doesn’t want to talk about it or even hear about it really. Her feelings toward it are that it was simply bound to happen sooner or later, so it’s best to just forget it and move on.


Smart, sophisticated, and busy. Those are the three most important words in Sydney’s life right now. She doesn’t make time for a social life and is rarely seen smiling anymore. She’s always away doing some sort of work. Even though she doesn’t go out of her way to be rude she’s not anywhere close to being friendly with people. Being friendly would take up too much of her valuable study time, and for a single minute loss it could ruin her entire planned out future. She’s very serious about her goals in life, they’re the only thing keeping her together after losing her friends. People just hope that they see the girl who once was full of smiles and laughter again soon.

The role of Sydney Merrit is Taken by Lexi.

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