Kelsie James - 16 - Jasmine Villegas - Junior in High School and Cheer Captain - Love/Hate relationship with Cameron - Apologetic

“1 2 3 left this world broken to the core..5 6 7 8..I wish I could apologize for all of the hate..9 10 11 12..Without you around we’re making a mockery of ourselves..13 14 15 16..You left us with nothing to remember you by but our dreams


Who’s the girl down front, with a bright smile yelling at the top of her lungs? That’s Kelsie James, head cheerleader and peppiest girl known to Haven Georgia. She’s set out to encourage and cheer for anyone and everything since the third grade. Provided the extra gymnastics classes by her mother, she’s just a well trained teenage girl. Atleast that’s what she’s been known for. She’s been seen as the leader; to all of the games, parties, and anything fun. Kelsie has done nothing but provide an exciting, extra entertaining night for her friends. However, she’s also been a victim of hate. She started a war with Cameron Enge their freshman year. While she was the ring leader for many people, her followers helped her seek revenge and game on anyone she despised. They made people feel like they were unimportant to the world. Through all attacks Cameron not once spoke a bad thing about Kelsie, instead she turned around to take up for the girl when her so called friends had turned on her. She took her out of a group filled with fake friends only to place her in a safe zone full of people that genuinely cared about her, even encouraging her when she was too weak to be a leader on her own. Kelsie’s been called a bitch, whore, slut, ugly, fake, flat..and everything else in the book, but Cameron took up for her. She was there to stop her from cutting and trying to commit suicide, and Kelsie hated her for it. She hated the fact that she wouldn’t let her do what was wanted by so many. It was obvious that’s what the people at school wanted, so why wouldn’t Cam allow it? When the news spread about the death of the girl Kelsie broke. She was enraged, confused, and even a little upset. The girl had stopped her from taking her own life so many times, yet here she was taking hers. It was hypocritical, but she felt terrible. Had she caused it? Was it the way that she’d pushed her away or tried to make her feel hated? Why hadn’t she seen the signs that Cameron had been struggling? Especially after she’d been there for her.

Even now Kelsie isn’t sure what to make of the death. She’s begun blaming herself for it, feeling as if it’s all her fault. Part of it had to be her fault if she wasn’t the full reason. Soon she turned back to cutting, hiding the scars and freshly made wounds under bracelets or long sleeved shirts. She started faking her smiles again, hanging out with the friends who had once turned on her. Things began spiraling out of control and she was headed back into her past once more, hoping and praying that somehow Cameron would come back for her. She’s taken her reign of the school back, not slowing down in being the ring leader when it comes to having fun. Whether this pushes her over the edge in the end or not, somebody will hopefully save her just like Cameron did before; surely it’ll be before she leads somebody else down the wrong road too.


Since the loss of such a good influence on her life, Kelsie has turned into faking her happiness once more. She’s always seen with a smile, even when somebody calls her a bitch. She’s not hesitant in anything she does and is constantly striving to control all situations that enter her life. She acts like everything will be alright as long as she’s in charge, but is she really capable of controlling the worst of things? Right now it’s just a live in the moment lifestyle, and without Cameron to keep her sane things are falling apart faster than she could’ve dreamed. People’s emotions are rubbing off on her, only to put stress on the one that she’s trying to hide the most. She feels regretful, for never telling Cam just how thankful she was of her, and acting like everything is perfectly okay is the only way to cover all of the pain up. She’s burying everything inside of her as much as she can, it’s only a short time before she’ll explode completely.

The role of Kelsie James is Taken by Veronica.

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